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647-653 Hay St, Perth WA 6000.
Ph: (08) 9325 8338
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First Consultation

If you have a Criminal Matter you will be asked to bring your Statement of Material Facts, Summons and any other paperwork relating to your charge.

If you have a Civil Matter you should bring any papers relating to your dispute.

At your first meeting with us we will assess your matter.

  • The nature of the charge/issue you face
  • The strength of the case for or against you
  • Defences available on the facts and possible cause of action
  • A range of possible outcomes, and in criminal cases sentencing options; and
  • Legal costs and estimated time frame to finalise your case

Book your initial appointment with Thames Legal's team today.

We will tell you how we can help, and what the cost will be.

There is NO COST to get a quote from us.

Phone 9325 8338
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